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Auto Maintenance and Engine Repairs in Blacksburg, VA

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Auto Repair Specialists Inc.
Offers Preventive Auto Maintenance

When is the last time you have checked your oil in your vehicle? Have you checked your transmission fluid or coolant in the last few months, or even over the last year? If not, it could be time to make an appointment at Auto Repair Specialists Inc. in Blacksburg, VA. Since 1982, our mechanics have provided oil changes, diagnostics, filter cleaning, and many other preventive auto maintenance services for drivers throughout the New River Valley. Give us a call at (540) 552-3345 for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

Engine Repairs in Blacksburg, VA

As vehicles age, the chance of needing large repairs increases. If your engine is not working properly or at all in the Blacksburg, VA, area, Auto Repair Specialists Inc. is here to help. Our team provides engine repairs, including oil issues, belt problems, tune-ups, and more.


There is much more to your engine than just getting routine oil changes over the years. Excessive mileage, overheating, and lack of maintenance are just a few reasons as to why your engine may be failing. If your engine is making noises like clicking or banging, overheats easily, or is lacking oil, do not wait. Seek out engine repair right away to avoid further damage. If your engine will not turn on or leaves you stranded, you can trust us for towing, too.

Auto Repair Specialists Inc. Conducts VA State Inspections

Vehicle inspections can be something that drivers dread, especially if they feel that something may be wrong with their beloved car, truck, or SUV. Auto Repair Specialists Inc. can conduct VA state inspections on both foreign and domestic vehicles. If there are any problems, you can count on our mechanics to repair the problem at an affordable rate.

Air Conditioning Service for Vehicles in Blacksburg, VA

Air conditioning is an important aspect of a vehicle, especially as the warmer months approach. If your vents are blowing only warm air, there is an odd smell, or the air conditioning is making noise, contact Auto Repair Specialists Inc. in Blacksburg, VA. We provide experienced air conditioning service for drivers across the New River Valley.

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